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Become an affiliate!

How much do you and your dog LOVE Pet Nutrients? Do you talk about it to all of your friends, family, dog park buddies, and everyone you come across at your local pet shop? Since you’re already spreading the good word, why not be PAID for it? Every month, countless people visit our site, and some of those clicks are because of YOU.

It’s time for you to share in our success by joining our affiliate program. We’ve set up all of the tools you’ll need to get our products into the hands of more people whose pets can benefit from them. Plus, as an affiliate, you earn commissions on each sale. You don’t need any web design skills, since being an affiliate is as easy as sharing a link.

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Step 1


The first step is filling out the registration form, which is short and straightforward. Once we review your application, we’ll send you a confirmation with instructions to log in to your dashboard. Click the button below to begin.

Step 2


You’ll see your unique affiliate link in your dashboard, and this is how we can track who you’ve sent to our site. Copy and paste this link to share with whomever you like!

Step 3


Once a customer clicks on your link, the cookies on their browser save the source, aka you, so whenever they visit the site you get credit for their purchases. These cookies are saved for up to 45 days, and you make commissions on each purchase they make, no need to send a new link.

Step 4

Get Paid

We automatically deposit your earnings each week into your linked PayPal account. Your dashboard will allow you to see how much you have made as well as how many clicks and referrals you’ve gotten. We’ll grow together!

Afiliate Benefits

There are so many benefits to becoming an affiliate with Pet Nutrients. We’d love to have you join us as part of the family!

15-25% on Each Conversion

Our sliding scale allows you to make the most commission possible from each sale so you can start earning money FAST!

Unlimited Referrals

We believe the world is an abundant place, and we have no business getting in your way. Drive as much traffic as you want to the site, you’ll get paid on every sale.

User-Friendly Interface

All the tools you need are at your fingertips. Access our clear and easy-to-use interface to optimize performance, and reveal powerful insights to drive future growth goals.

Promotional Tools

You’ll be updated with all the latest designs, graphics, and sharable content to make your campaigns a success. It’s as easy as copy and paste, no graphic design skills needed!

Simple Payments

Every payment will be listed in your Activity Details report. We will automatically sent out payments via Check or Direct Deposit on the 20th of every month.

Get paid to talk about what you & your pup love

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What our customers are barking about

Fantastic product - my dogs love it!

The Pet Nutrients brand 10-in-1 Multivitamin has salmon oil, chicken collagen, and probiotics from clean sources. It's a great way to boost the overall nutrient content of my dog's diet. My dog Lucy loves the lil bite sizes treats so much she muzzled her way into the cupboard to try and get more out of the bag!! Great product, highly recommended.

Brad Kearns

Soft multivitamins that my dog loves!

My dog is the pickiest of all dogs. He doesn't even like dog treats. But he gobbled one of these up as soon as I opened the package. He also loves that they're kind of soft in texture since he doesn't have a lot of teeth left. Rigby gives these a seal of approval!


Wilson loves his new treats!

Wilson loves his new treats, and we’re so glad they’re filled with things that are GOOD for him! Thank you petnutrients!

Heather Cooksey